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New year, new ride, new fundraising activity

Alright. I'm doing the Ride for Cancer again this year as part of the NSCC Trailblazers team. Last year was a bit topsy turvy and I didn't commit until way late into the game because we really didn't know what was going on. This year I know what to expect, and I'm starting with the fundraising early.
So here's the scoop - a couple of years ago I was doing homemade dog treats and that worked really well. As much as I'd like to do that again, I just don't think that it's completely responsible in the current environment. When we all get vaccinated and feel safer then maybe I'll add that to the list, but for now that's on hold. So I was thinking about what I could do virtually to raise money for this worthy cause, and I came up with an idea. And that idea is music.
For a donation of $20, I will record a video of myself playing a song of your choice - that's right, I'm taking requests. You pick the song, I'll figure it out, I'll record it on video, and I'll deliver it to your Facebook page. Or I can send it via Google Drive. Whatever you prefer. Now I do have to lay some ground rules:
* The songs will be performed on acoustic guitar.
* The songs will be transposed by yours truly to that medium. So I'll take requests from across all genres, transpose it into an acoustic version, and that's what you'll get.
* I am what would likely be called an advanced intermediate player. I won't be transposing and Van Halen, Yngvie Malmsteen, John Pettrucci, etc. But I'll happily try just about anything.
* I'll record the video and post it to your Facebook page. What you do with it after that is really up to you. You could yank it down because you can stand my singing if you want. Your choice. But it'll be yours.
So that's this year's scoop. I'm all about earning those donations and I'm happy to do it. So if you're interested, hit me up. Once your donation is confirmed (I can see them on my page), I'll get to work on your song. I should be able to turn most of them around within a week. The lyrics will be the toughest part most of the time, so I'll need that time to learn the song.

Thank you to my Supporters


Drew Jardine

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life seems like a fitting song for the current state of the world!


Keri Crouse


Noel A Macdonald


Jo Lantz

Thanks for being awesome and sharing your musical talents with all your fans!


Chauncey Kennedy

Song request - your choice of: 1.) Tragically Hip - Wheat King's 2.) Tragically Hip - Fiddler's Green 3.) Lightning Crashes by Live ( I know it is long so abridged is fine)


Juanita Melanson


Kristy Taylor

This is great Mike!! If I can request Blackbird (the Beatles) as my song, that would be wonderful! Hope all is well!


Brenda Rose

I would love to hear Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Melissa L Helwig



Locked in the Trunk of a Car....... The Hip


Marc Lepage


Steve Lepage

Good luck on the ride Mike .A song i would like you to do- Everybody hurts- R.E.M


Nina & Crasher

I want to hear “Photograph” by Ed Sheeran. It’s what I sing to Crasher when he’s not feeling well.


Lori Foran

Can’t wait to hear all those great tunes coming my way!!


Mike Lepage

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