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Last spring I decided to sign up for the Ride for Cancer to honour a friend that was recovering.  The ride was full so I was on the list as an alternative.

Two weeks later, on June 4, 2021, I got the news the no one wants to get.  It was a shock. I was active and healthy and other than a pesky low wheezing sound when I was lying down, I had no symptoms. But that didn't matter.  I had cancer. Neuroendocrine cancer to be precise and it was in my right lung.

The next few weeks went by in blur with lots of tests. The cancer was at an early stage but because of the location, the recommended treatment was to remove the lower and middle lobes of my right lung. After a surreal summer, I had my surgery. ( I didn't make the 2021 ride!) The days and weeks following the surgery were tough and marked by small victories, like walking down the hospital corrider.  However, if you know me, you know I am determined.  For better (and it is not always a good thing), when I set a goal I push forward until I've met it.

My surgery was a success and while there have been a few hiccups along the way (I still have trouble reconciling that I had a heart attack two days post surgery), I am in a good place. I was fortunate to have an amazing medical team- my family doctor is the most amazing caring and diligent family doctor I could dream up, as well as a very talented surgeon, and now a great oncologist who understands the nuances of neuroendocrune cancer. I benefitted from the dedication, skill and compassion of so many wonderful, nurses, technicians and medical personnel. 

In addition to the primary medical team, I also benefitted from a supportive family, amazing friends and wonderful colleagues. Words of encouragement, flowers,  visits, walks, holding my hand,  meals...so many gestures that all helped me get through this to the point where I am today.  Cancer is gone. I'll need scans every six months for the indefinite future, but otherwise,  all is good.  As one friend told me, I was "lucky in my unluckiness."  

Six months post surgery, I am making the most of the lungs I have left and I want to help the QEII.  I didn't need chemo or radiation, but I know many that do. This year the 2022 Ride for Cancer, will help bring new radiation technology to Nova Scotia.

We never expect to need this kind of help, but when we do, it is good to know that the resources and expertise are here.  Below you can read more about the radiation technology this year's Ride for Cancer will help fund.  Thank you for your support.



What if we could reduce radiation treatments from 25 to five for certain cancers? Condense up to seven weeks of daily radiotherapy treatment sessions to just one week or less? When you support my ride today, we’re one step closer to making these bold aspirations a reality.

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, I’m riding alongside a community with one common goal: to transform local cancer care, by helping fund a world’s first cancer-fighting technology at the QEII Health Sciences Centre.

This year will be extraordinary…our BMO Ride for Cancer community is all in! With your support, we’ll help introduce a first-in-the-world cancer treatment option, called personalized radiotherapy. Pioneered and invented right here in Nova Scotia at the QEII, this technology has the potential to transform the radiation treatment journeys for Atlantic Canadians facing a cancer diagnosis.

World-leading innovation and inventions are exciting. But the real impact is on QEII patients, who will be the first in the world to access one of the most precise and targeted treatment options available; game-changing care that isn’t offered anywhere else in Canada.

Fewer radiation treatments, better cancer outcomes, reduced side effects, more time at home with family, and reduced financial burden on patients and the healthcare system are all benefits we will help make possible.

By supporting my ride, you are joining a community of champions who are funding the fight against cancer today and for future generations.

The QEII is Atlantic Canada’s largest, most specialized cancer centre, with a radiotherapy program that’s already one of the best in North America. With the support of donors like you, we’ll level up – truly elevating that best-in-class care to new heights, all in the name of cancer patients and their families. This world-leading project will be entirely donor-funded through BMO Ride for Cancer and the QEII Foundation. Now more than ever, we need your support to help make personalized radiotherapy a reality. Learn more about this year’s cause and impact here>.

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Beautful Day for A Ride!

What  a great weekend to get some  bike rides in!! The trail was full of people enjoying the sunshine and it felt great to get out!!

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Katie Lister

Good luck Michelle! Your such an inspiration.


Wanda, Nicholas, Ben & Alex

Way to go Michelle--have a fabulous ride!


Gordon Stirrett Wealth Management


Joan & Gerard Tompkins

Thinking of you ♥️


Greg Bakeeff


Claudia Mann

Go, Michelle, go!


Paula Hadley

Nice seeing you tonight!


John Underhill

I’m sorry that you have had your own encounter with this scary disease, but I’m glad to hear that you are doing well and back doing some of the things you love.


Debbie Brown

Good luck, Michelle!


Chris Collett

I’m happy to support this cause for a colleague and friend. Way to go Michelle!


The Shannon’s

We are very pleased to support your ride and your dedication to this fight against cancer.


Dan Gautreau


Doris Hollihan

Wishing you a great ride and continued good health Michelle. I had no idea you were busy beating cancer! You are so inspirational


Karen Forsyth-mcneil

Way to kick Cancer's ass! So proud of you.


Diane Saurette

You are a rockstar! You have this! I’ll be five years breast cancer free this November.


Dawn Stegen

Keep peddling


Lori Payne


Lindsay Silliker

Inspiring, Michelle! Have a great ride.


Erin Nauss

Good luck with the ride Michelle!


Sherri-lynn Richardson







Karen Gardiner


Annette M. Boucher

Have an excellent ride and keep that positive vibe going no matter what comes your way!


Ryan Brothers

Way to go, Michelle! Your journey is inspirational.


Rachel Jones

Your story is inspirational Michelle. Good luck on the ride and continued health and fitness to you!!


Mike Roberts


Darlene Willcott


Arlene Williams

Well I went to support another crew and found your story. What an inspiration. Best of luck in your ride and of course best wishes for your continued health and recovery!!


Stephen Mcgrath

Happy trails, Michelle!


Garrison Brewing Co.


Michael & Julie Horrigan

You are amazing and inspiring! Best of luck!


Murna Mackinnon



Christine Tabbert

So proud of your determination and glad you have a lot of fight in you. Have fun on your ride!!


Kevin Kiley

Good luck!


Karen Hudson



Just giv'er!


Norman Hill


Corey Marsman


Peter Mclaughlin

So happy to see you back in the saddle...literally and figuratively.


Lora Maceachern

Michelle, you are simply inspiring! Way to go!


Kristen Tynes Maceachern

You are amazing. It's my pleasure to support you and this valuable technology.


Logan Macgillivray


John Flewelling

Best of Luck Michelle!


Heather Kennedy


Traci Snook

Good Luck! We are cheering for you!💕


Walter Mackinnon


Matt Sancton


John & Karen Flemming

Good luck and all the best Michelle! :)


Joanne Trainor

Michelle, sending positive vibes and much love your way. You come from a line of very strong women! You got this❤️💕❤️


Christine Gentleman Murphy

I am inspired by your story and I admire your courage.


Caroline Martin

Go Michelle!


Jen Gray

Yay! You go, girlfriend! So very proud of you. xo


Wayne Higgins

You are awesome!! Love ya!


The Montreuil Family


The Mcfetridge

Michelle, such a worthy cause and a great event to support it. Enjoy your ride!


Nicole Arsenault

You have always been one of the strongest willed people I know. I am so grateful to call you my friend ❤️


Joan & Gerard Tompkins

Michelle we are so proud of you. You are an inspiration. All the best in your ride!


Donna Gorman

I admire your determination and wish you success with this endeavour.


Irene Vamvounis


Diane Hawco


Janet Higgins

Go girl!!


Hayley And Dave

You are an inspiration my friend (((BIG HUGS)))


Bob Mackinnon


Jacqui Wilcox

All the best Michelle, thank you for sharing your story and being part of the fundraising team! Jacqui Wilcox


Michelle Higgins

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