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I’m facing the fight against cancer for my dad and my brother.

In 2018, my brother Sean was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and had to undergo a stem cell transplant in 2019. I have 4 siblings and 3 of us were a match. They chose my second youngest brother as he was closer in age to Sean. A stem cell transplant is uneventful for the recipient and takes about 20 minutes. But the ongoing side effects Sean lives with have been debilitating – loss of strength, fatigue, rash from head to toe, nausea, disorientation and depression. But the world is much better with him in it!

In 2004, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery to remove his prostate. He then had radiation and chemo to keep the cancer at bay. 16 years later in 2021, it came back this time due to his age and was treated aggressively with hormones and chemo vs surgery. So far it hasn’t grown or spread.

On October 1st, I will ride 50km (for the first time) with our team in the Ride for Cancer. I’d go to the ends of the earth to ensure that cancer research and treatment continues so that my family and yours have the best care possible.

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