Amanda Hatt

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What I am fighting for in 2019

More good days. That's why I am riding in Ride for Cancer. Because we all deserve more good days. 

Good days are measured in many ways. Feeling the sun on your face. Running after your 12 year old geriatric dog. Getting up at 6AM to do a workout with a smile. Travelling home to visit with family and soak up quality time together. Coming home to your partner, who makes every day better than the last. Calling your father for advice. Sending a text to your mother so she knows you're thinking of her. Finding that perfect gift for a friend that is always there to be your cheerleader. Going on an adventure to explore a new trail system. Finding a nest of baby bunnies hiding under a tree stump, and watching them grow and leave the nest. Then watching your garden disappear.

There are so many ways to measure good days. And all of them are at their best when we are at our best. This event is about ensuring that we are at our best, together. And when we do need support, that our journey is managed by world-class care teams, with compassion and precision. Because cancer is more survivable today, than it ever has been before. The more we do to help support the cancer treatment journey, support patients and fund life-changing research, the more good days we can offer to everyone around us.

Please help me by supporting more good days. Join my fight against cancer by supporting my fundraising goal. This is for all of us. And I can't do this without you. 

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Thank you to my Supporters


Kathy Hatt

Love you so much honey :)


Jon K

I still think it should be a ride AGAINST cancer, but whatever.... ;)


Jeremy Campbell

Cause your godson loves you and everything you do for others.


Ian Bezanson


Glenda Mccormick


Sarah Murphy


Tom O'handley

Good Luck on your ride and thank you for the donation!


Adam And Sandrine Kennedy

Go Amanda!! Such a great goal to achieve


Paula Hare



Have a great ride!


Kathy Hatt

Good Luck with your fundraising very important cause :)


Barbara Paterson


Amanda Hatt


Scott Walsh




Stephanie Hughes

You got this! Proud of you my friend <3



I expect nothing less than you to kick ass!!

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