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I'm fundraising for Ride for Cancer

Fundraising for Ride for Cancer

I am thrilled to be participating in Ride for Cancer for my 3rd year. The impact we have for cancer patients and families in Atlantic Canada is huge - and we’re not stopping.

In addition to funding research for blood cancer, funds raised from this year’s Ride will purchase life-saving, state of the art cervical cancer diagnostic and treatment equipment called colposcopy. This equipment diagnoses precancerous cells before they turn into cervical cancer. For some women, this testing determines whether or not they will be able to have children.

Diagnosis starts with a Pap smear. A staggering number of women in Nova Scotia require further testing: 1 in 3 women in Nova Scotia require further testing of pre-cancerous cells. 1 in 152 women will develop cervical cancer. 

Ride for Cancer will purchase four new colposcopy’s so that the 200 women who visit the cancer centre at the QEII per week will receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment - in most cases, stopping cervical  cancer in its tracks for women in Nova Scotia

And that's not all! Ride for Cancer will also help to purchase Atlantic Canada’s first robotic surgery equipment, enhancing surgeons’ precision to remove prostate cancer, shorten recovery time, minimize pain and most importantly: eliminate the chances of prostate cancer reoccurring.   

Think about the women and men in your life. I am quite certain you can relate in some way to the importance of improving diagnosis and treatment for women and men facing cervical or prostate cancer - and this is why I Ride.

I personally Ride for my mom who was treated 10 years ago at the QEII with stage 4 breast cancer. I'm forever grateful, I know she is here today, making memories with all of us because of the excellent care she has received. I will also be Riding this year, thinking about many of my family and dear friends who are fighting the fight and those who I hold dear in my heart who lost the battle to this dreadful disease. For the past year, I have had funds taken off my pay which will go directly to this cause, I hold so near and dear to my heart. Will you join me by matching my support?  Any denomination is appreciated! 

If you have donated to Ride for Cancer previously, thank you for being part of a community who helps to change the outcomes for a disease that affects all of us in some way. We need your help again.

Thank you for being a part of our fight!

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Thank you for all that you do 😘


Melissa Young


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So proud of you!!! Thanks for all you do for this amazing cause! Xo


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Go get em tiger


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You Got this! Love you Mom & Dad xo


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Cancer Bracelet Fundraiser: Kara Bernard - Thank You!


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Thank you Melissa


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Dear Melissa, best of luck on meeting your new goal! Ride for Cancer is a great cause and your dedication to making a difference is inspiring. Best, Laura


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Melissa Young


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Best Wishes on meeting your goal , you can do it


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Carnival Day - Thank You Camping Family!


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So proud of your continued participation in this worthy cause.


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Great job again this year!!


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We're cheering for you---go Melissa!!


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Best wishes in meeting your goal and in the ride.


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Go Melissa Go!


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