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I've exceeded my original goal fundraising goal and the real winners are those of us who have, or may have, our lives altered by cancer.  We will beat this thing.  Thanks for helping me.

Donations will continue to be accepted until September 28 and EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS in this fight.

So, like a good fundraiser (and a good negotiator) I've upped my goal to $2000.

Now there is SOME self-interest in this garget - I get a hoodie at the $2000 mark - not that this is at all the important part of this, but it is sort of a badge of honour at my work.  We have an amazing events manager and co-ordinating volunteer committee who arrange for these little incentives at low- or no- cost to the QEII Foundation so they take nothing away from the cause.

If anyone wants to help get to my new target of $2000, I'd love to display the hoodie badge of honour proudly - but of course the more important thing is, your donation will help our amazing local doctors pursue their research on how to treat, stop and eventually cure this life-altering disease.



I was sure I knew who you were.

I was wrong.

I have my suspicions but will respect your desire to remain anonymous.

This year in particular, the fight agaisnt cancer is very personally meaningful for me.

I want you to know how greatful I am to have your generous support.



When a family member has cancer, the whole family is affected.

This year, I watched a friend  face the fight with her grown daughter.  As a mother, nothing tugged my heart more than watching this amazing woman celebrate every small victory, sink with every setback, and work to provide every bit of support she possibly could - from chaufeuring her daughter to treatments to helping her pick out a wig.

If 1:2 Canadians will get a cancer diagnosis - then every Canadian is affected by cancer in some way.

Let's face the fight togehter.  I'm riding for Cancer September 28, to raise funds that will support cancer research and treatment options.  Please consider making a donation to the cause.

 Thank you so much for your support - it is truly appreciated.



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Joyce Hoeven

Thanks for all you do for the QEIIF- love your ‘can-do’ attitude and I’m sure you’ll bring it to the ride!!! Good luck and we will be cheering you on from Toronto


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Michelle Mccann


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Stephanie (raina) Norman

Thanks Michelle for all your hard work


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