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Training on the trail

So I've been following a training program that is supposed to get one ready for a 100 KM ride in about 12 weeks. It seems like a really good program and I am enjoying it, and I also have the added benefit of living literally 3 minutes away from the trail we're riding on (if you'd like to see that, it's the Rumrunner train, and they have an interactive map here http://rumrunnerstrail.ca/).

It's a really nice trail and a spectacular ride, but over the last few rides as I get further and further out I've been noticing parts of it in really poor shape. Some of that can absolutely be attributed to the rain we had early in May. It's got many ruts and depressions and if you're not paying attention, you could go flying off the bike. I'm hoping that there will be some grooming done before the actual ride, because some of this section (the Chester Connector between exits 7 and 8) are in really bad shape. 

That aside, things are progressing well. I'm still looking to get some additional gear such as pedal clips, bags, a hydration pack, and other necessities for a very long bike ride like this. I'm trying to avoid getting those horrible bike shorts, but the padding they offer may be too much to pass up. Needless to say I'll wear them under something else. They are a fashion disaster and about as comfortable as sitting on a cactus, but several hours in a bike saddle without that padding may prove to be too much, so we'll have to see how that goes. 

I also got a great little contraption called a Quadlock (www.quadlockcase.ca) that allows me to connect my phone to my bike. Why would one do that, you might ask? Well I listen to music while I ride using my Bose wireless earbuds (https://www.bose.ca/en_ca/products/headphones/earphones/soundsport-free-wireless.html) which sound fantastic, and I use the Strava app to track my progress (https://www.strava.com/). It helps me with pace, shows distance and time, and allows me to save and upload my rides, and even share them to social media. It's been pretty helpful in getting me on track with training. I'd recommend any and all of these for any of you that might be thinking about doing a 100 KM ride. 

All in all I've been enjoying this experience, even the fundraising part. I'll be selling some more dog treats now that I've surpassed my original $1000 goal and raised it to $1500, and I'll be expanding the variety of treats too - including branching out into human treats. We'll see how that goes. 

Until next time, thanks to everyone who has supported this initiative. 

I'm fundraising for Ride for Cancer

So my little blurb is going to be more plain languaged than the one that they had here.

We all have friends, family, acquantances who have been impacted by cancer. Some have fought it and won, some have lost that fight, and many of us have tried to offer support and encouragement as best as we can. I myself had a scare not too long ago, and since then I've wanted to do something to help. I think we can all agree that raising funds to aid in research toward a cure is probably a good thing, right? 

I've chosen to take this 100 KM bike ride on as my way of making that contribution toward that research. Of course, I'm doing the bike riding part. You - those of you who chose to - are the ones that are going to help me reach my financial goal. Right now, it's set at $1,000. I have grander plans than that, but let's start here and we'll re-evaluate in a month. Our NSCC team goal is $25,000. There are grander plans for that as well I'm sure. Let's see how well we do.

If you can't contribute financially, I encourage you to make a difference some other way. Maybe you can fundraise. Maybe you can volunteer for one of these organizations. Maybe you can be an advocate for those who have cancer and need a voice. There are lots of opportunities, and something is probably right for you.


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What a wonderful fundraiser for a great cause!! Keep up the good work Mike!!


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Thank you to everyone who purchased treats for their pups!


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good luck with the ride and thanks/congrats on taking part in this!


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good luck Mike!


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Fable, Queenie, and I send you strength and determination, but because we are all retired, speed is up to you.


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good luck on the ride


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Good luck Mike! Great cause!


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Good in ya Mike - I look forward to your journey blog 😉

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