Karen Conter

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On October 1, 2022 I will be joining many friends and strangers to raise funds to help fight cancer - something that has touch all of us in one way or another.  Recently it was a scare for our family when my husband had half of his large bowel removed as a colonoscopy had found a number of pre-cancerous lesions.  We were lucky.  But we are well aware of the struggles many others experience due to cancer.  It's the least we can do to ride together on October 1.  Now, I know Howard has raised HUGE funds for this event and many of you have already supported him!  Can't thank you enough!!  For those of you who haven't supported this ride yet, please feel free to donate to my attempt!  I won't be on any billboards or raising over $150K, but I am well aware that every dollar helps!!  Your support truly means much!  Thank you in advance!

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Thank you to my Supporters


Elaine Viner

good luck, good health! you are both an inspiration and we love you


Denise Doucet

Yahoooo for Karen!


Gord & Lois

Ride safe!


C Deborah Wilson

Thank you for your efforts in the fight against cancer!


Paula Minnikin

Thank you for everything you do.. for so many... so quietly :)


Donnie & Shelley

Karen thank you for riding with Team Robotics and your part in the fight against cancer

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