Kate Robinson

Supporting cancer care in Atlantic Canada. Learn More.

I’m facing the fight against cancer.

What if we could reduce radiation treatments from 25 to five for certain cancers? Condense up to seven weeks of daily radiotherapy treatment sessions to just one week or less? When you support my ride today, we’re one step closer to making these bold aspirations a reality.

On Saturday, October 1, 2022, I’m riding alongside a community with one common goal: to transform local cancer care, by helping fund a world’s first cancer-fighting technology at the QEII Health Sciences Centre.

This year will be extraordinary…our BMO Ride for Cancer community is all in! With your support, we’ll help introduce a first-in-the-world cancer treatment option, called personalized radiotherapy. Pioneered and invented right here in Nova Scotia at the QEII, this technology has the potential to transform the radiation treatment journeys for Atlantic Canadians facing a cancer diagnosis.

World-leading innovation and inventions are exciting. But the real impact is on QEII patients, who will be the first in the world to access one of the most precise and targeted treatment options available; game-changing care that isn’t offered anywhere else in Canada.

Fewer radiation treatments, better cancer outcomes, reduced side effects, more time at home with family, and reduced financial burden on patients and the healthcare system are all benefits we will help make possible.

By supporting my ride, you are joining a community of champions who are funding the fight against cancer today and for future generations.

The QEII is Atlantic Canada’s largest, most specialized cancer centre, with a radiotherapy program that’s already one of the best in North America. With the support of donors like you, we’ll level up – truly elevating that best-in-class care to new heights, all in the name of cancer patients and their families. This world-leading project will be entirely donor-funded through BMO Ride for Cancer and the QEII Foundation. Now more than ever, we need your support to help make personalized radiotherapy a reality. Learn more about this year’s cause and impact here>.

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