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I'm almost there! but I'm not stopping!

I’m riding in Ride for Cancer to keep our daughters, grand-daughters, sisters, mothers and friends cancer-free by helping to purchase 4 new state-of-the-art colposcopes at the QEII, which will diagnose potential cervical cancer and treat precancerous cells before they develop into cancer.

For some women, colposcopy testing determines whether or not they will be able to have children.

Diagnosis starts with a Pap smear. A staggering number of women in Nova Scotia require further testing:
- 1 in 3 women in Nova Scotia require further testing of pre-cancerous cells.
- 1 in 152 women will develop cervical cancer. 

25 years ago, I was one of those women with pre-cancerous cells in my cervix. Because I was diagnosed and treated early, cervical cancer did not develop and I am ever-grateful.  

So, I Ride for Cancer to ensure my 20 year old daughter and her friends, should they need it, will have access to the most up-to-date technology to diagnose and treat pre-cancerous cells before they turn into cancer.

Ride for Cancer will purchase new colposcopes so that the 200 women who visit the QEII cancer centre per week will receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment - in most cases, stopping cervical  cancer in its tracks for women in Nova Scotia

And that's not all! Ride for Cancer will also help to purchase Atlantic Canada’s first robotic surgery equipment, enhancing surgeons’ precision to remove prostate cancer, shorten recovery time, minimize pain and most importantly: eliminate the chances of prostate cancer reoccurring. With 1 in 7 men in Canada facing prostate cancer, having this state-of-the art surgical system will change outcomes.   

In addition to funding the equipment, Ride will continue to fund blood cancer research taking place right here in Atlantic Canada. 

Think about the women and men in your life. I am quite certain you can relate in some way to the importance of improving diagnosis and treatment for women and men facing cervical, prostate or blood cancer - and this is why I fundraise for Ride for Cancer.

If you have donated to Ride for Cancer previously, thank you for being part of a community who helps to change the outcomes for a disease that affects all of us in some way. We need your help again.

I have made my personal donation of $100. Will you consider matching? 

Thank you for your support. Together, we are making a HUGE impact on cancer care in our region.

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Pierre Chouinard

Well done


Charles O'neil

What a fundraiser! You are inspiring, Katharine. Charles


Dianna Macdonald

Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure this year's Ride for Cancer powered by BMO Bank of Montreal is a huge success. And thank you for always being in my corner. You are appreciated more than you'll ever know! XO.


Katharine Berrington


Chris Holland

Keep up the good work.


Kellie Mccallum


Debbie Grady

You go girl!!


Blake Meech


Michael Wile

Go Katie!


Dennis And Lourdes Fowler


Heather Mccallum

Keep up the great work


Alan Hunt

A cause thats very dear to my heart, especially after the this year!! Have a safe ride Katharine .🙂


Casey And Dale

Happy (belated!) birthday! I meant to do this last month...


Tracy Bennett

Go girl!!


Coleen Logan

You go girl!!!! So proud of you. You are an inspriation.


Heather Way

Good Luck xx


Barbara Paterson


Rachel Bower

Happy riding!!!!!


Katharine Berrington


Honor G. Nivin

Good Luck, Katharine!


Glenn Stewardson

Thanks for the reminder


Rachel Pink

You go girl!


Steve Houle

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