Logan MacLean

Supporting cancer care in Atlantic Canada. Learn More.

Check out more on this cool project here>. Let’s go!

I’m facing the fight against cancer.

I may be young but already I know that cancer is a huge bummer. And we’ve got to do something about it.

That’s why I’m riding in the BMO Ride for Cancer youth ride on Saturday, October 1, to help local cancer patients and their families at the QEII Heath Sciences Centre. But I can’t do it without you.

When you donate to my ride, I’ll be able to help fund cool cancer-fighting tech that’s first in the world! And we invented it right here in Nova Scotia. It kind of works like a Jedi lightsaber for cancer care teams to aim radiation treatment beams and destroy cancer.

For some patients, instead of coming to the hospital 25 times, they will only come five times. That’s huge! They won’t feel as sick, they can get better quicker and spend more time playing with their kids…like me.

A no-brainer, right?

I’m pretty proud to be riding. If you’re proud of me too, please support my ride today.

Check out more on this cool project at http://yourrideforcancer.ca/impact. Let’s go!

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Thank you to my Supporters




Anne And Andy

Way to Logan. Enjoy your ride this morning.


Finn Murphy & Family

Good Luck today Logan!


John Atherton

Good luck Logan! You are doing an amazing job over $3000 raised!




Elizabeth Phillips

Way to go Logan!!!! ♥️




Terry And Annette

Good Luck Logan!!!


Jared And Emmy


Rose Maclean


Jackie N Jp

let’s go Logan!!! Jackie & JP


Cathy Lumsden



Good Luck on your ride and with your Fundraising Logan!


Steve Houle

Hope you have a great Ride Logan!! I'm glad you are riding for the Boom-Kitties




Debora Murphy

Thank You Logan for supporting such a worthy cause !


Bruce Towler

Thanks for helping the QEII Foundation Logan - have a great ride!


Coach B & Coach T

Thanks for a great season Logan!



Go Logan!




Joy Kelland


Cherie Kennedy

Way to go, Logan!


Lorie Meisnet

Way to go young man. Your going to do great things in life


Margaret Goodall


Atlas Compliance Limited

Great work Logan. Hoping you have a great ride.


Jillian Innes

Way to go Logan!!


Nicole Meisner

Way to go Logan!


Priya Ramesh Mehta

Absolutely inspirational!


Christine Schnare


Tena Severeyns

Way to go Logan! You're an inspiration!


Mai-ling Storm

You got this Logan!


Amanda Gates


Nanny And Poppy Lynch

So proud of your efforts to help with this serious disease. Love you


Amanda Gwynne-timothy

You’re awesome Logan!!


Katrina Johnston

Way to go Logan! Have a great ride!

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