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I'm Riding for my Best Friend

Imagine waking up a year and a half into the pandemic and feeling like something was off. Unexplained headaches, strange dots with a halo dance around you and your hand goes numb. You visit your family doctor. They run a bunch of labs - but nothing checks out. Finally, you ask a friend, a doctor, who tells you to go to the ER the next time you experience it. Turns out the next time, is less than 24hrs later. You arrive in the ER alone (in the middle of the pandemic) and wait for someone to give you answers. After a number of scans, you hear the C word. They found a tumor in your frontal lobe. They will operate as soon as they assemble a team. You barely have time to blink or process the magnitude of this and a team of skilled surgeons are operating on your brain. 

This was the experience of my friend. We've known each other since elementary school. We've boxed together. We've traveled together. We've experienced the highs and lows of life. She is the god mother of my daughter, Arianna. She is a beautiful person, inside and out. She is resilient. 

This year, on June 18, we are running a half marathon together. It will be 21kms of sweat, smiles, and tears. I'm so excited to cross this off my bucket list with her. But why stop at the run? I'm dedicating all 100 kms of my ride to this resilient human from Nova Scotia. 

It's remarkable how far science has come in the last decade and new treatments on the horizon. When we support cancer research we give people like my friend a fighting chance. We give them years of life, possibilities, and memories with the people that love them. 

My friend has completed targeted radiation and is now going through high-dose chemo. Cancer treatments are literally saving her life so that the people that love her, can continue making memories with her.

If you can, please consider donating. I will match the first $500 in donations. 



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