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Amazing to be celebrating 10years of the BMO Ride for Cancer!

It is amazing to think we are celebrating 10 years of the BMO Ride for Cancer! Time flies when you are having fun and doing it for a fantastic cause. 

Most of you know my connection to cancer - a 2 time cancer survivor and it remains a cause that will always touch me deeply. And as Chair of the $100 million WE ARE campaign for the QEII Foundation, being part of the Ride, just puts the icing on the cake. This year we have another amazing reason to ride and to raise money - funding the liquid biopsy technology - a must for our Province and region. Read on to find out how important this technology will be! And thank you for donating to me or my team Porter Supporters! 


And this is the email I sent out earlier about the $200K match today!

While I am hopeful to get good support for my Ride (50km), I do know the demands on you are many!  So I will say right up front, thanks for reading my page (link below) and I feel good that I have at least informed you about the amazing project we are funding this year - liquid biopsy. The total cost for the project is $3 Million. 
In a nutshell, it means if you live in Shelburne (or wherever), have had cancer surgery, treatment and need a follow up from your oncologist - you get a blood test from your local hospital. The blood gets sent to the new liquid biopsy system in Halifax and the genomic analysis tells you if you have any cells in your system. If not, you do not need to travel to Halifax to see your Dr. Just think about all the travel, the angst etc that we can save patients!! An amazing advancement. AND, no else in Canada is doing this yet. It makes us, at the Foundation, very proud. 
So, as chair of the We Are $100 million campaign, I would really like to be among the fundraising leaders for The Ride. 
And as I said, your demands are many and I understand if I have to wait until next year! Oh, and did I tell you this is the 10th anniversary and we want to blow it out of the park!! Tomorrow, June 26th is match day!!! 

Nova Scotia has the highest cancer rates in all of Canada. 1 in 3 patients will not survive. To help combat these alarming stats, our BMO Ride for Cancer community is rallying like never before to introduce liquid biopsy technology that will help determine if a patient’s cancer is cured, if it has returned, and, if so, how best to treat it.

On Saturday, September 28, 2024, I’m riding alongside a community with one common goal: transforming local cancer care at the QEII Health Sciences Centre.  

Faster diagnosis saves lives, which is why BMO Ride for Cancer is on a mission to bring rapid cancer detection and monitoring to patients who have already undergone treatment. With a simple blood test that can happen anywhere in the province, QEII experts will use this revolutionary technology to uncover whether patients are cancer-free after surgery and the earliest signs if their cancer has returned.

This technology will be a game-changer. Life-changing benefits include:

  • improving survival rates and provide potential cures with earlier detection and personalized treatment options;
  • unlocking access to more clinical trials;
  • sparing patients from unnecessary treatments and harmful side effects;
  • keeping care closer to home and ensuring equitable access, as patients can undergo a simple blood test in any community in Nova Scotia;
  • reducing the number of visits required to the QEII, which ultimately impacts wait times;
  • providing critical answers about a patient’s cancer sooner, helping to relieve anxiety and worry; and much more.

By supporting my ride today, you are joining a community dedicated to moving the needle in cancer care for Nova Scotians. Your support will pave the way for a future of hope for all of us.

Are you ready to save lives?

To learn more about liquid biopsy technology and the impact your critical donation will have, click here.

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