Valerie Bellamy

Supporting cancer care in Atlantic Canada. Learn More.

I’m riding to help make radiation treatment better for Atlantic Canadians.

I believe in making things better. That's why I'm riding in 2022. I'm excited to play a small role in making personalized radiotherapy possible for Atlantic Canadians...invented right here in Nova Scotia at the QEII, and Atlantic Canadians get it first.

Personalized radiotherapy means fewer radiation treatments, better cancer outcomes, reduced side effects, more time at home with family, and reduced financial burden on patients and the healthcare system. 

This year, I'm joining my husband, Rob, on the Ride for Cancer. For the past three years, Rob has ridden for family members who have won or lost their cancer fight: Rob himself, my dad, Rob's dad, Rob's brother, Rob's cousin.

In previous years, I worked behind the scenes supporting his ride, being cheerleader, wellness assistant, logistics coordinator, chauffeur, and social media ghost-writer. I'm sure I'll still be doing those things, but this year, I'll be training alongside him and the rest of the team from Creative Flooring Solutions Inc. (CFSI) Group. Thanks to the team for letting me tag along.

Fair warning, social media friends. You'll see more posts from me this year. I'm apologizing now. Just make sure you donate (to any rider or team of your choice) before you unfriend me ;)

Learn more about this year’s cause and impact here.

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